International Action week against racism 2005
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Semaine Internationale d'Action contre le racisme 2005
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Semana Internacional Contra el Racismo 2005
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March 14 / 14 de Marzo / 14 Mars 2005

The Reports of Monday, March 14, 2005, came from Ireland, Spain and Bosnia.
Les reportages du Lundi 17 mars 2005 proviennent d'Irlande, d'Espagne et Bosnia.
Las entrevistas del Lunes 14 de Marzo de 2005 vienen de Irlanda, España y Bosnia.

15:07 CET. Audiofile 1 (4.min.21 sec.) Interview with Philip Watt from the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism in Dublin, Ireland. about the new information handbook 'Seeking Advice and Redress Against Racism' and cooperation between Nothern-Ireland and the Irish Republic in organizing the action week.

15:12 CET. Fichier audio nr. 2 (5.min.41 sec.) Interview avec Kensika Monshengwo du Comité National Consultatif sur le Racisme et l'Interculturalisme (National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism) de Dublin, en Irlande, sur le manuel 'Chercher conseil et réparations contre le racisme' ( 'Seeking Advice and Redress Against Racism') et la coopération entre la République d'Irlande et l'Irlande du Nord dans l'organisation de la semaine d'action.

15:42 CET. Audiofile 3 (3.min.17 sec.) Entrevista con Sergio Remón de la Organización CONVIVE sobre el evento "El Racismo en el futbal español" y sobre el racismo en el deporte.

16:31 CET. Audiofile 4 (2.min.17 sec.) Interview with Dragana from the Nansen Dialogue Centre in Banjaluka, Bosnia, about their activities during the act5ion week.

March 15 / 15 de Marzo / 15 Mars 2005

The Reports of Tuesday, March 15, 2005, came from Estonia, the United Kingdom and Finland.
Les reportages du Mardi 15 mars 2005 proviennent d'Estonia, Le Royaume-Uni et Finlande.
Las entrevistas del Martes 15 de Marzo de 2005 vienen de Estonia, Reino Unido y Finlandia.

12:40 CET. Audiofile 1 (3.min.07 sec.) Interview with Julia Kovelenko from the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights in Estonia about activities in schools and discrimination of the Russian speaking minority in Estonia.

13:08 CET. Audiofile 2 (2.min.03 sec.) Interview with Weyman Bennett from 'Unite against Fascism' live from the protest against the visit to the Queen of Italian Fascist leader Gianfranco Fini, outside Horse Guards Parade in London.

14:13 CET. Audiofile 3 (4.min.12 sec.) Interview with Angie from the Red Cross Finland in Tampere about the action week activities, the situation in Finland and the situation in Chechnya. Also listen to the amusing multicultural Lumberjack Polka (Jätkän Humppa) they made last year for the action week against racism!

March 16 / 16 de Marzo / 16 Mars 2005

The Reports of Wednesday, March 16, 2005, came from Spain..
Les reportages du Mercredi 16 mars 2005 proviennent España.
Las entrevistas del Miércoles 16 de Marzo de 2005 vienen de España.

13:00 CET. Audiofile 1 (4.min.20 sec.) Entrevista con Ricardo Jorges Ibrahim de SOS Racismo Madrid - España. Subjeto: los eventos que ocurrieron ayer, especialmente la mesa redonda sobre la islamofobia, y los otros eventos de la semana.

15:30 CET. Audiofile 2 (5.min.03 sec.) Entrevista con Nanu Gonzóles del del Colectivo Movimiento por la Paz , el Desarme y la Libertad en Asturias, España. Subjeto: el evento educativo y reivindicativo destinado a niños (musica, teatro, poesia...) y la situación de los niños inmigrantes y gitanos.

March 17 / 17 de Marzo / 17 Mars 2005

The Reports of Thursday, March 17, 2005, came from Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia and Spain.
Les reportages du Jeudi 17 mars 2005 proviennent L'Italie, la Pologne, Slovakia, Latvia et España.
Las entrevistas del Jeuves 17 de Marzo de 2005 vienen de Italia, Polonia, Eslovakia, Letonia y España.

11:05 CET. Audiofile 1 (3.min.43 sec.) Interview with Leopoldo Calabria, European co-ordinator of Radio Voices without Frontiers about the AMISNET live Broadcasts live from Rome, Italy, with contributions in German, English, Italian, Slovenian, Arabic and French, from countries such as Italy, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia , Palestine and Australia. The broadcast will include programs on women in migrations, law and migrant rights, sports against discrimination, among other things, as well as links from the UK Community Media Association and Radio Universidade in Marao, Portugal. This multilingual broadcast campaign mobilizes community radios around a global issue and encourages them to use new communication technologies such as the Internet to extend the reach of their words. Radio Voices Without Frontiers will be webstreamed on and relayed via satellite services of Channel Africa and Global Radio (in Europe) on March 21st, files will reside in the RVSF Web site for ulterior consultation as well. Programs will be re-distributed by local community radio stations worldwide.

11:33 CET. Audiofile 2 (5.min.08 sec.) Interview with Sarabejit Singh from SEARCHLIGHT, on antisemetic propaganda in the Mainstream media in Poland. Never Again Association and SEARCHLIGHT are campaigning against this during the action week.

11:45 CET. Audiofile 3 (2.min.30 sec.) Interview with Daniel Milo from People Against Racism, in Slovakia, about the Police Awareness training they are doing, their toolkit against racism and other activities during the action week.

15:15 CET. Audiofile 4 (3.min.34 sec.) M. Francesco Diasio de l'Agence Radio Amisnet qui coordonne une initiative de radio diffusion à l'échelle mondiale : Radio Voix Sans Frontière. Sujet: Historique et mise en place de cette initiative. Ecouter Radio Voix Sans Frontière le 21 Mars 2005 sur : et

15:20 CET. Audiofile 5 (3.min.56 sec.) Señor Francesco Diasio de la Agencia Radio Amisnet que participa en el projecto de radio difusión al nivel mundial : Radio Voces Sin Fronteras. Subjeto : Historia y colocación del evento. Escuchar Radio Voces Sin Fronteras el 21 de Marzo de 2005 sobre : y

15:55 CET. Audiofile 6 (4.min.47 sec.) Interview with Kaspars Zalitis, president of the European Youth Human Rights Network (EYHRN) in Riga, Latvia, about their exhibition of fingerprints from all over the world, their discussions on racism and about sports against racism.

17:14 CET. Audiofile 7 (2.min.45 sec.) Entrevista con Sr. Valentín Gonzáles del Movimiento contra la Intolerancia. Subjeto: el maratón radiofónico contra el racismo en un colegio de Málaga, España.

March 18 / 18 de Marzo / 18 Mars 2005

The Reports of Friday, March 18, 2005, came from Armenia, Canada, the Republic of Georgia and Spain.
Les reportages du Vendredi 18 mars 2005 proviennent L'Arménie, Le Canada, la République de Géorgie et d'Espagne.
Las entrevistas del Viernes 18 de Marzo de 2005 vienen de Armenia, Canadá, la República de Georgia y España.

12:50 CET. Audiofile 1 (4.min.14 sec.) Interview with Mrs Gaiané Viahanian from the Human Rights Defenders Office of the Republique of Armenia, about the situation in Armenia concerning racism and the round table they are organizing on the 22nd of March 2005.

12:54 CET. Audiofile 2 (5.min.51 sec.) Interview avec Mrs Gaiané Garibanian du Bureau de la Protection des Droits de l'Homme de la République d'Arménie. Sujet: Situation en Arménie concernant le racisme et la table ronde qui aura lieu le 22 mars 2005.

13:42 CET. Audiofile 3 (5.min.13 sec.) Interview with Dr. Karen Mock, director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, about the activities during the action week and biggest racism issues in Canadian society.

16:01 CET. Audiofile 4 (5.min.33 sec.) Interview with Ucha from the Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre in Tblisi, Republic of Geoargia about the present situation of racim in Georgia and about a postponed round Table Discussion.

17:16 CET. Audiofile 5 (5.min.19 sec.) Interview avec M. Christian Escribá de la Pâtisserie Escribá à Barcelone. Sujet: "Du chocolat contre le racisme", l'événement qu'il a organisé dans sa pâtisserie à l'occasion de la Semaine d'Actions contre la Racisme. Pour se faire une idée concrète de l'événement, rendez-vous sur le site

17:22 CET. Audiofile 6 (4.min.09 sec.) Entrevista con Sñr Christian Escribá de la Pastería Escribá en Barcelona. Subjeto: El evento que organizó contra el racismo en su pasterís "Chocolate contra el racismo". Es posible ver al resultado en

March 19 / 19 de Marzo / 19 Mars 2005

The Report of Saturday, March 19, 2005, came from the Netherlands.
Les reportage du Samedi 19 mars 2005 proviennent Les Pays Bas.
Las entrevista del Sábado 19 de Marzo de 2005 vienen de los Países Bajos.

14:41 CET. Audiofile 1 (3.min.36 sec.) Interview with Dick Koelewijn from the Anti Discrimination Bureau Zaanstreek/Waterland , on a boat sailing through the Zaanstreek in the Netherlands doing a project called 'Travel Around the World through the Zaanstreek'.

March 20 / 20 de Marzo / 20 Mars 2005

The Reports of Sunday, March 20, 2005, came from Finland.
Les reportages du Dimanche 20 mars 2005 proviennent de La Finlande.
Las entrevistas del Domingo 20 de Marzo de 2005 vienen de Finlandia.

17:14 CET. Audiofile 1 (3.min.47 sec.) Interview with Marisel Soto Godoy from the Red Cross Finland in Helsinki, live from the 'Musicians against racism' concert and 'Samaa maata' (Same country) videocontest, regardsgiving ceremony and NGO info market. Have a look at for live coverage of the events.

March 21 / 21 de Marzo / 21 Mars 2005

The Reports of Monday, March 21, 2005 - International Day Against Racism - came from Germany, France, Armenia, Russia, Switzerland, Finland, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Hungary.
Les reportages du Lundi 21 mars 2005 - Jour International Contre Le Racisme - proviennent de L'Allemagne, la France, l'Arménie, la Russie, la Suisse, la Finlande, la France, le Danemark, les Pays Bas et la Hongrie.
Las entrevistas del Lunes 21 de Marzo - Día Internacional Contra Racismo - de 2005 vienen de Alemania, Francia, Armenia, Rusia, Suiza, Finlandia, Francia, Dinamarca, los Países Bajos y Hungría

13:15 CET. Audiofile 1 (3.min.29 sec.) Interview avec madame Schmid, professeur de Français au Lycée Beethoven-Oberschule, à Berlin. Elle décrit les activités développées par les élèves et les enseignants dans son établissement dans le cadre de la Semaine de l'éducation contre le racisme.

13:32 CET. Audiofile 2 (3.min.06 sec.) Interview avec Mme Flora Saladin - SOS Racisme France - Section SOS Fac. Sujet: Déroulement de la 'Semaine de l'éducation contre le racisme' dans les établissements scolaires de France.

14:11 CET. Audiofile 3 (2.min.58 sec.) Entrevista con Sñr Flora Saladin - SOS Racismo Francia - Sección SOS Fac (universidades). Subjeto: Desarollo de la "Semana Educativa contra el Racismo" en los establecimientos escolares franceces.

14:20 CET. Audiofile 4 (3.min.26 sec.) Interview with Mrs Flora Saladin - SOS Racism France - SOS Fac section (universities). Subject: The unfolding of the "Education Week against Racism" in the french schools, universities...

14:26 CET. Audiofile 5 (3.min.12 sec.) Interview with Mrs Armine (for Mr Sakunts) - HCAV (Helsinki Citizens' Assembly - Vanadzor Armenia). Subject: The unfolding of the workshop organized for and with children about racism and discrimination towards the minorities.

14:59 CET. Audiofile 6 (3.min.11 sec.) Interview with Karina from Center for Interethnic Cooperation about the activities organized in Moscow.

16:56 CET. Audiofile 7 (10.min.37 sec.) Interview with Alexey Korotaev from the International League for Human Rights,reporting live from the 'International Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination' - Panel discussion in Geneva organised by Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Themes: discrimination and hate crimes: countering the violence of intolerance...

17:35 CET. Audiofile 8 (3.min.35 sec.) Entrevista con Sñra Marisel Soto Godoy de la Cruz Roja en Finlandia. Subjeto: El evento que organizaron con otras ONGs en el Domingo 20 de Marzo : concertos, difusión de corte metrajes...

17:56 CET. Audiofile 9 (4.min.08 sec.) Interview with Mirek Prokes from Duha/ United Against Racism , live from the 'International Day for the Elimnation of Racial Discrimination' - Panel meeting in Paris, organised by European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI). Themes: use of antisemitic, racist and xenophobic arguments in political discourse...

18:17 CET. Audiofile 10 (3.min.25 sec.) Interview with Ron, from the Anti Racist network in Odense, Denmark, about their activities.

18:11 CET. Audiofile 11 (2.min.47 sec.) Interview with Brenda, director of the Rotterdam Youth Council, about 'Say NO to Discrimination and Racism', the Rotterdam Youth Council organising an International lecture, an Antidiscrimination Award giving event and a cultural show in Rotterdam.

18:03 CET. Audiofile 12 (4.min.31 sec.) Interview with Marcell from the Foundation of Subjective Values about the festival they organized and the interesting name of their NGO.

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