NEWS - Archive January 2018

Headlines 12 January, 2018

Headlines 12 January, 2018

Last I CARE Anti Racism News mail edition

8/1/2018- Here you'll find news articles from December 22 through 29. When starting this newsfeed in November 1999 I never thought it would last this long. I hope it has been useful to you, I know it taught me a lot. Racism is racism is racism where ever you are. It touches everybody everywhere and although target groups over time appear to change racism is still racism is racism is racism.

Everyone who's ever been involved with creating I CARE, thank you! We've tried to show that there is strength in numbers and whatever our differences may be it's better to work together than as separate islands. We don't have to get married, we just have to get over prejudices and hate together.

We hope to see you on Facebook where the ICARE newsfeed will continue!

The entire newsfeed from November 1999 on will stay online.

Have a fantastic 2018 and every year after.

See you around!




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