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We regret to inform you that the co-founders of ICARE.TO, Suzette Bronkhorst and Ronald Eissens, both passed away in 2021.

You can visit the website for more information.

European links
  • Council of Europe
  • ECRI The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance is a body of the Council of Europe set up by the first Summit of Heads of State and of Government of the member States of the Council of Europe held in Vienna in October 1993.
  • DECEMBER 18 Portal for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Migrants - Portail pour la promotion et la défense des droits des migrants - Portal para la promoción y protección de los derechos de los migrantes
  • Migrants rights This site was set up by the International Steering Committee for the Campaign for Ratification of the Migrants Rights Convention. Its basic purposes are to:
    Project a broad profile of support for the Convention Ratification Campaign, Provide leadership and coordination in conducting the Campaign, Mobilize diverse sectors and resources to support ratification efforts, Place the Campaign in the context of advancing human rights.
  • European Federation for Intercultural Learning
  • European Human Rights Foundation
  • European Network Against Racism to combat racism from all the EU Member States
  • The Migration Policy Group MPG was established as an independent, not for profit organisation based in Brussels. MPG is committed to improving policy development on migration and related issues through the promotion of facilitated exchange between key stakeholders in Europe, North America and the international community, and through the production of substantive, comparative policy analysis. MPG bases its activities on the belief that high-level discussion and debate within and between countries among representatives of all sectors of society - public, private, and business - can contribute to the identification and implementation of innovative and effective solutions to the challenges posed by migration.
  • Minority Electronic of resources on minority human rights and related problems of the transition period in Eastern and Central Europe.
  • United for Intercultural Action European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees.
UN & Governmental websites
  • UN pages English World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.
  • UN pages Français Conférence Mondiale contre le Racisme, la Discrimination Raciale, la Xénophobie et l'Intolérance qui y est Associée.
  • UN pages Español Conferencia Mundial contra el Racismo, la Discriminación Racial, la Xenofobia y las Formas Conexas de Intolerancia.
  • World Conference Against Racism South African Governmental site, English
  • Canadian secretariat WCAR "By working collaboratively to help establish Canada's voice at the World Conference, we are all joining the fight against hatred at home and abroad. If Canadians speak strongly internationally, the world's children will have their best chance to grow up free from racism and discrimination - and to hope eventually for a world of peaceful coexistence and respect."
    Dr. Hedy Fry, Secretary of State (Multiculturalism) (Status of Women)
  • Secrétariat Canadien CMCR «En collaborant pour aider à formuler le message que le Canada communiquera lors de la Conférence mondiale, nous participons tous à la lutte contre la haine au Canada et à l'étranger. Si les Canadiens tiennent des propos énergiques dans l'arène internationale, les enfants du monde entier auront plus de chances de grandir à l'abri du racisme et de la discrimination - et de vivre éventuellement dans un monde où la coexistence pacifique et le respect mutuel sont une réalité. »
    Hedy Fry, Secrétaire d'État (Multiculturalisme) (Condition féminine)
  • UK Governmental site about the WCAR
  • UNRISD The UNRISD Racism and Public Policy conference will provide participants attending the World Conference with research-based information and a neutral forum in which to discuss the sensitive issues of racism and xenophobia. By combining academic research with a strong policy focus, the UNRISD conference represents a unique and comprehensive contribution to the World Conference.
    UNRISD plans to disseminate the findings of its research for the conference in a variety of formats, including Programme Papers, an issue of Conference News, and edited volumes. Papers prepared for the conference will be available on this Web site.
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